Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rising harm the user did not apologize for doing odd tiger, said to be practical

Rising against the false door before the event occurs, April 29, Rising company issued a public statement acknowledging that the software is indeed a Rising block Web sites containing Google Analytics situation, and said the issue has been resolved within one hour, the current not much affected users. There is such a "friendly fire" Rising product is technically a problem? For this incident affected users, Rising further written apology will express comfort or sincerity? This, IT Business News Network's once again call the Rising Company Vice President Ma just be further confirmation.

According to public statements Rising explained: "Because hackers point in hanging horse website address in Google Analytics embedded in the URL used to hang horse Statistics website traffic", Rui Xingyun security system will automatically added to the black of such web site to intercept the list, which led to the "friendly fire." Rising cloud security system then what is? Why become unsafe up, Rising product technical problems? This, Rising Vice President Ma has just explained that, "All products will have a technical loophole to avoid errors 100% is not possible. our products will have problems adjusting in time, timely collection of unknown risks, to make up the shortfall. "

What is a security system for Ruixing Yun, Ma just were not explained, but let's go to the official website View Rising. For the incident affected users, Rising whether there will be further apology or compensation? Ma just said that as the accident less extensive, probably thousands of people nationwide, and the Rising after receiving user feedback, before and after an hour treatment is over, so there is no need to open in the media to apologize to the users, but the official site in the Rising to the user for further explanation.

For this security incidents, Rising seems to not care, if similar incidents are commonplace, that the industry is unnecessary fuss about this, before the deadline, the reporter also did not find Rising time, active users admit to any signs or actions all seemed so natural, so if nothing had happened. This really true? Is it true, Ma just said, the customers and the impact was not large? Reporter then interviewed Rising false door of this incident involving another company Qihoo 360.

It is odd tiger 360 introduced April 28 afternoon, 360 requests for assistance, upon receipt of a large number of customer complaints, reflecting the 360-Security Center Home by Rising Software interception, visit Rising prompted to "you want to access the page that contains Trojans, and malicious scripts", point to The "horse hung" web site traffic analysis Google online website (www.google-analytics.com), the user 360 therefore doubt the safety of the site, then hao360 site navigation, odd tiger net, odd cool net Qihoo 360's Home users are also more than was found in fully functional Rising security software and personal firewall blocking phenomenon, caused a large number of users access difficulties, on the odd tiger 360 the reputation of its Web site is causing serious injury.

After analysis of 360 emergency safety engineer with the 360 Security Center Home, hao360 site navigation, Qi Qi tiger tiger nets more than 360 Home Page and Google's online traffic analysis site (www.google-analytics.com) there is no phenomenon linked to horse , false positives can be confirmed RISING.

It is reported that, Google online traffic analysis web site is provided by Google's public web page for the statistical behavior of traffic and access information such as free tools. Many domestic websites are the tools embedded in your website home page and other important pages, so that user access to statistical information.

It is odd tiger 360 introducing, as one of the major domestic security companies, currently, 360 security guards reached 200 million users. Error bar in this case, 360 and Rising tens of millions of users by coincidence should not have any interference, 360 products and websites are also part of this process was the user's misunderstanding. We hope that this is only accidental errors Rising product, not doped with other business competition.

"Any concept of security vendors should not be speculation, but encouraged to go to work, improve technology for customer service." For the so-called cloud Rising security system false alarm events, 360 odd tiger that understanding false positives, manslaughter is the security industry can not avoid the problem, but not an excuse, but need to strengthen further testing, strict management, if there are problems, not only in time to solve the problem, also deal with relevant parties affected expressed sincere enough, rather than casual in public relations for prevarication.

The following is the official website of Rising on the "cloud security" technology advantage against Trojans:

Rising has 10 million clients, to cover every corner of the Internet, with powerful Internet threat perception can be found in the shortest time, deal with a flood of viruses intercepted and horse hung site.

Rising malicious site database is updated via the Internet in a timely manner, and will be the first time in Malaysia this link to a malicious Web site library.

After dealing with the problem of transient solutions can send to all users and partners, against emerging threats in advance so that each user can enjoy the "cloud security" security brought results.

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