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Was brilliant: Ten-man weapon crack revealed inside story of classical

Factors affecting the development of shared software, many have been illegally sharing software crack can be said the number one enemy. Then the resulting difficulties in sharing software cracker who live in the end with those weapons? Today, so let me take you to see the mysterious ten categories of commonly used software cracker, which is shareware top ten killer!

First, debugging tools for soft-ice class and trw2000

soft-ice is widely recognized as the best trace debug tools. Use soft-ice can easily keep track of a software or monitoring software debug errors generated, it has dos, window3.1, win95/98/nt/2000 / each platform version. This version is the software used for debugging, tracing, debugging tools, in the cracker into the hands of the most horrible cracking tool; trw2000 is the Chinese people write their own debugging software is fully compatible with soft-ice the instructions, because now Many software can detect soft-ice presence, while trw2000 testing have sent many, many cracker so now it became a favorite.

trw2000 solve specific software has been optimized to track the debugger in windows, tracking more powerful; can set various breakpoints, breakpoint types, and more; it can be as complete as some shelling tool to remove the shell of the encryption automatically generated exe file, so it's cracked stronger, in the hands of crack development of the shared software bigger threat. It also under the dos version, called tr.

Second, disassemble tool wdasm8.93 Gold Edition and hiew

often the soft-ice cracker and trw2000 compared Tulong Dao, will then be compared to Heavenly Sword wdasm8.93. wdasm8.93 can easily disassemble the program, the program flow static analysis can also be dynamic analysis program. General version of the original based on the number of crackers has developed wdasm8.93 Gold Edition, stepped up a string of Chinese extraction. On the threat of domestic sharing software also greater. For example, this is fun fun Landlords sharing software, with a gold version of its disassembly can see the registration code, common version can not, you do not it powerful? Hiew is a hex tool, in addition to its ordinary hex system function, it also a feature that can disassemble file, and can modify the program in assembly instructions, use it to modify the program, convenient! This is the cracker have used static disassembly tool.

Third, visual basic debugging tools smartcheck

This is specifically for visual basic program debugger, program execution because vb is interpreted in essence, they just call vbrunxxx.dll the function, so vb executable file is a pseudo code program in vbxxx.dll inside the implementation. If the track with the soft-ice debugger which can only be used in vbdll play around, see something of value, and code quality is not high, the structure is still very complicated.

Of course, as long as the understanding of their characteristics with a soft-ice can also break, but the emergence of smartcheck greatly facilitate the cracker. smartcheck is numega company exports a great interpretation of the implementation process of debugging tools, the latest version is v6.03. It is very easy to use, you even do not know assembly language can easily manage it. Vb program which can be recorded in the implementation of the action completely, so that those who break easily break most of the vb program.

4, hex editor ultraedit

Hex hex editor can edit the file, modify the contents of the file. Although hiew is a hex tool is, but it is dos interface, many were prepared to make a break under a windows tool, such tools are many, such as: ultraedit, winhex, hex workshop, among which more ultraedit a unique and easy to operate, more finished version is available, it is very good hex editor, we recommend that you also find a use with.

5, registry monitoring tools

There are regshot, regmon or regsnap so. Microsoft operating systems, many settings are stored in the registry, windows registry is the core database tables stored in a variety of parameters, the direct control of the windows startup, loading hardware drivers as well as some windows applications normal operation. In the application software installed, there may be some of the necessary information into them, such as installation time, frequency of use, registration code, etc..

regshot, regmon monitor registry changes or regsnap is a tool through which to understand, monitor the application of the action in the registry, crack dealers often use them to monitor application in the registry changes.

6, file monitoring tool filemon

Can monitor the system operating conditions specified in the file, such as which file to open the specified file, which closed file, the data on which files to read and so on. Through it, any files you specify to monitor any read, write, open the other file operations can be monitored over it and provide full reporting information. Crack often use filemon monitor file system in order to understand the program at startup, shut down or verify registration code what to do when the hands and feet, and thus decrypt accordingly.

7, shell tools procdump

Now a lot of software plus a shell, "shell" is a dedicated to the protection software is not illegal to modify or decompile the program. They are usually run before, to get control, and then complete their task of protecting software. After packers in the tracking software when you can not see the real hex code, so you can serve the purpose of protecting software.

procdump is a tool to deal with software packers in the shelling, which can be stripped of many types of shells, but also files really are, and then modify the contents of the documents so much easier. Because it allows users to write their own script files, so use it off the shell software version packers. It also is an excellent tool for pe format changes, is an indispensable tool for shelling!

8, detection of file type tool

Such tools are typ, gtw, fileinfo and shock-2000. They are used to detect the type of software is packers, which can easily shock of 2000 to find any shell entry point encryption, including encryption shell asprotect and Phantom can. Such software is generally used with procdump and debugging software, and use them to find the program packers type, with procdump or soft-ice, trw2000 shelling.

9 resource Trainer exescope

exescope is a tool to modify software resources, and powerful. exescope in the absence of resource files to analyze, display different information, rewriting the executable file resources, including (exe, dll, ocx) and so on. It can be edited directly using vc + + and delphi compiled program resources, including menus, dialog boxes, string tables, etc., is a common tool in software localization. The hands of the crack, it is often used to modify the file resources in the menus, dialog boxes, string tables, etc., to solve the needs of the information displayed (such as changing the copyright information, etc.), modify the software in order to achieve the purpose.

10, api call query tool api spy

As the name suggests, this program is to detect what software is called api. windows api is called when the program executes a function, with the under dos int (interrupt) almost, windows provide many of these functions allow programmers to apply, the main purpose is to cut software development time, we develop software to facilitate.

api spy api call for such a monitoring software, which lets you view what the application calls the api, so as to arrive on the api call crackers useful information through these api calls to set the breakpoint to achieve the purpose of cracking software. It can work in windows95/98/nt/2000 platform.

Well, shareware top ten killers introduce you finished, how to deal with them is your things. Be noted is that the software mentioned above are all "legitimate" software, but in the hands of different users have played a different purpose. Would like a gun in the hands of the people's army is defending the homeland and the weapons, in all sorts of the wrong hands is a weapon, do not produce this software on to these stereotypes Oh!

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